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The first experience with Call of Cthulhu RPG

This weekend I started a new group of players in Call of Cthulhu. They are old friends who have moved away from my city a longe time ago (one of them more than 10 years) and live in great distances - like Canada and USA - and we played through the hangout.

It is the first time they play Call of Cthulhu, but they have great experience with World of Darkness. Anyway, it seems like a new game experience for them. At first I thought about using pre-mande characters, but all decided to create their own characters, since they have been playing RPGs for quite a while, it would not be something problematic or dificult to explain.

My printed at home version of the Dead Light Scenario
For they first step in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos I chose a scenario published by Chaosium (Dead Light) because it is short and have the mood of Lovecraftian horror (and by acquaintance, as in the scenario, it was raining in our cities, despite the distance). I will not go into deep details about the scenario to avoid spoilers, since some players may be reading this post but I will describe the mood of tensio and how the players reacted to the scenario.

A rainy night

The players were already tense as I began to describe a devastating storm, which put their lives in danger. I emphasized the isolation and the mountais and pines silhouettes when thunders cut the sky. The sounds were horrible. They drove cautiously when a woman pass through they way.

They were fearful that she was some kind of monster or spirit (one of the characters pointed a gun all the time and I think this was a reflection of playing World of Darkness for so long). At last they decided to help the girl and continued until finding the only gas station, solitary in middle of the isolated mountais rainy.

After scaring people in the coffe place with shouts of help (and again, a pointed gun to everyone - what the hell is worong with my players!? haha) they get the help of the owner of the place, a fat man with a big mustache, named Sam, who comes out the counter with a shotgun, only for guarantee.

Sam takes them to the girl's house after a debate if that was really wise, as she might have been abused and sould be taken to a hospital. Already in the place, they discovered the truth about the icident and that everything it is beyond the knowledge of any man.

There was an intense conflict, with perssuit and the death of two people (Sam and the poor girl, who was neglected by the players). Two of the investigators were seriously injuried and one of them partially insane. Now, they are in recovery from the trauma and want to find out what is really going on.

I have a printed at home version of my Call of Cthulhu 7th

Despite being a online game, I use real dice set to my rolls
What did you think of this episode? This week I will post some handouts that I have prepared for this scenario and the characters sheet for you to check and be able to use as pre-made characters.

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