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The 5 Most Terrible Mythos Spells

Something really tenebrous are Mythos' spells. They are capable of terrifying even the most feared investigator. The Cthulhu Mythos is filled with horrible spells, which cultists learn from ancient books, unconquerable arcane wisdom, immortal mentors, or communion with profane entities. I chose 5 spells that I think are the most terrible within Lovecraft's universe.

Mind Tranfer

This spell is used by evil sorcerers intent on getting a new body. The sorcerer takes possession of the body of the victim while the mind of the victim is transferred to the body of the sorcerer, who is usually in a state of pity.

It is a blasphemous form of power because it allows the exchange of identities, and even eternal youth, by condemning people to a body that is not theirs; A weak and sick body. Many can not cope with the abrupt change that takes place in their lives and this often results in madness or death.

Unspeakable Promise

This promise is very similar to what people call a pact with the Devil. A sorcerer can break the laws of nature by using this promise. The sorcerer connects with Hastur himself, who is not to be named, and acquire profane knowledge, unlimited power, or even eternal life... at a high cost.

But by signing this promise, Hastur will demand a future payment that may be to turn the sorcerer into one of his creatures, making her his servant for eternity. This removes the humanity from a individual and his body is transformed in something terrible through a painful process. This is irreversible.

Steal Life

Life for eternity is an anciente desire. Stealing Steal Life is a powerful magic described in blasphemous tomes like the Necronomicon. Through this magic the sorcerer can enjoy eternal life by draning the life of another person. At the same time as the magician becomes young, his victim ages, becoming dry and sick.

The horror of going through such a process is indescribable. People who go through this process simply go crazy, because their lives and their whole perspective of existence are dreadful from one moment to another.

Consume Likeness

This spell was developed by the Serpent Men, an ancient race, who wanted to disguise its appearance. This spell allows the sorcerer to transform into any person.

For this to happen it is necessary to murder the person in a hideous way (usually cutting off the person's throat) and eating portions of his flesh. Some sorcerers retain flesh and organs for future consumption. Some books even teach how to conserve and prepare human flesh.

A bizarre detail is that, the shadow of the sorcerer accompanies him. So even when it takes on its new appearance, the shadow of the original appearance remains.

Death Spell

This is, for me, the most terrible magic of Mythos. It burns the person inside out, causing immense pain and agony. Some people say the effect is compared to being thrown into a volcano and burning slowly. Some may think that death is quick, but the person is conscious until the last moment.

Now the most sinister detail is that after the victim dies she can not be resurrected. There is nothing left of her. The person simply ceases to exist, in the physical and spiritual plane. The fire burns even the remembrance that the person existed, and the people who knew her begin to forget her little by little. In time, nothing remains, not even a memory.

And so, for you, what are the most sinister spells you've ever seen on any RPG?

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