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Logbook: sighting report of sea monsters (HMS Daedalus)

The sea keeps secrets. Terrible and inexhaustible secrets. Sea monsters are legends as old as the first vessels, when men began to enter the sea and explore the oceans. For years there have been several reports of sightings at sea. These reports were filled with words of awe and fascination, often exaggerated, creating legends.

Several countries keep the logbooks of ship crews and busters, although they do not have official records on the subject. But no officer or other member was forbidden to report the things he had seen.

The United Kingdom released several of these logbooks so that people could consult, as a result of the Freedom of Information Act (2000), approved by the Defense Department. Many of these diaries are really old, with incredible stories.

With this, many historians, biologists and oceanographers had the opportunity to get their hands on valuable information. Some of them already do deep research on the subject, conducting studies on sea monsters and giant and unusual animals.

HMS Daedalus

The frigate HMS Deadalus circled the Cape of Good Hope in the South Pacific in August 1834. When they returned to Ingland, Captain Peter M'Quhae sent the details of the trip to The Times about the things he had seen at sea.

In this report the captain talks about a sea serpent about 18 meters long that appeared for about 20 minutes. He also says that the creature circled the ship and issued a sound similar to the cry of a child, before approaching the boat, which the officers fired at the animal without success. Anyway, the creature sank and did not return anymore.

What is incredible about this account is Captain M'Quhae's fame. He is knowed as a man of integrity, wisdom, and had a impeccable curriculum. He was a man of confidence and never lied. The story was sent accompanied by drawings that one of the sailors who was talented.

Supposed drawings made by sailor

Despite the efforts, at the same time and place, there were no more reports of such creatures that could be trusted. The Times received a large number of other reports from then on, but many were obviously fabricated, which took credit from other letters that were sent to the newspaper.

The sea awakens fascination and fear, and it is quite probable that its mysteries will never be revealed. What do you thing about it? Inspirational for our RPG? Would that give a good story of literature or comics?

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