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As I was persecuted by religious for playing Call of Cthulhu

My wife and I are religiou people and attend a Christian church. She does not like scary things simply because she's afraid, but the fundation of our relationship is respect and trust. I play, read and watch terror things without any problem for her. I say that because she is the most importante person, more than anyone else who has ever been a parte, of my life.

Brazil has a very great religious diversity. Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity (which can be divided into Catholicism, Protestantism, Adventism, Mormonism, Orthodox Church, Jehovah's Witnesses), Spiritism, Islam, Judaism, Neopaganism, Afro-Brazilian and Indian Religions (like Candomblé, Umbanda, Xambá, Pajelança, Catimbó, Jurema, Tambor-de-Mina and Terecô), Hinduism and Hoasqueiras Religions.

I want a preacher like this
We are a people that is happy with diversity. We think this diversity is beautiful. Is there religious prejudice? Of course. But in many places this behavior is an exception, not a rule. However, most of the behavior of prejudice and hatred comes from Christian religions. I repeat, I am part of a Christian religion, but I think like those people who find it all beautiful, culturally enriching. I have friends in many of these religions listed above, and we even play RPG together, eat together and have fun together! So, what's the problem?

The problem began when a person of my religion came into my profile from a social network and saw photos of me with my friends (friends who belong to other non-Christian religions) playing RPG. No, playing such a Call of Cthulhu.

This person typed "Cthulhu" into Google and was astonished to see that it is an ancient entity that is cured by crazy people performing macabre sacrificial rituals and that this "Cthulhu" entity communicates with people through dreams and sends their slaves (Who are grotesque creatures) to the earth to carry out ir will and help the cultists.

Cthulhu... is a fictional cosmic entity...
Yes, he saw that it was the fiction work of such a Lovecraft; A writer from the past who had already died. But perhaps he believes that Lovecraft practices spiritism and that all his works are representations of demons or other spiritist entities or something. She accused me of practicing spiritism, which to a member of a Christian religion is unacceptable.

I have explained countless times how everything is just fiction, that such entities do not exist (but now I desire more than anything that it exist and eat all alive) and that we do not practice or learn rituals or something like that. Anyway, that did not help. I was almost "kicked out" of my church. Of course he made to talk to other members about my involvement with this game and how satanic this can be (What the hell is people's problem?).

I confess that this has shaken my faith, though I do not care if you think about me as a fool because I believe in the bible, Christ, and all. What bothered me, is that this whole process took about two weeks of charges, and I realized that he did it out of spite. Trying to hit me. In order to bring no inconvenience to my home and my marriage (my wife still feels hurt by everything we've gone through, just like me) I accepted the "rebuke" and went on with life. Today, I continue to play and buy everything, not only from Lovecraftian games, but from horror games in general.

As I said at the beginning, some people know how to handle the differences, others are stupid in dealing with what they do not know. Is the pursuit going on? Of course, but today I have more caution: only a few real trusted friends know about my games (and play with me), all my social networks are really blockaged for Christian people from my church and people that I do not know and I never post or share anything personal related to my games.

I'm putting together a photo album with all the cool moments that I'm living with my friends and that I can not share, so that one day I might show up at some game convention or personal blog (maybe even here!). But for now, I must keep my discretion, because I am still being hunted.

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